Goals of Physical Therapy for Scoliosis Patients

A person who has been diagnosed with scoliosis often can benefit by wearing a brace to halt the progression of the disease, which causes abnormal curvature of the spine. Physical therapy can reduce symptoms and improve the patient’s functioning. For physical Rehabilitation Winter Haven FL residents may choose a clinic that offers a variety of services to create a truly customized plan of action.

About Scoliosis

Scoliosis causes the spine to curve to one side. The disorder affects about 3 of 100 people and is usually diagnosed during the teen years. The posture may become unusual, leading to the parents noticing something is wrong. Sometimes there is no visible effect but the young person complains of pain after physical activity.

Initial Appointment

Usually, a patient is referred by a doctor to physical Therapy Services. The therapist receives relevant medical records and diagnostics, such as X-rays. The person should plan to describe all symptoms in detail and explain which activities cause discomfort. For instance, some individuals with scoliosis develop hip pain when they play in a school sport like volleyball, basketball or soccer.

The Program

Goals of the therapy typically focus on decreasing or eliminating painful symptoms and helping the client continue engaging in activities he or she enjoys. A teenager who loves being on a high school basketball team, for instance, would surely hate to give up the sport because of the spine disorder. This person may need to take a short break from play and practice, however, allowing the musculoskeletal system to rest from athletic activity while beginning physical therapy.

The start of the program might concentrate on stretching for greater flexibility and activities to boost muscle strength. The therapist adds additional exercises to the regimen as the program continues.

Expected Results

Physical therapy at a facility like Spring Lake Rehabilitation Center can actually help a patient regain full musculoskeletal function if the scoliosis is mild. Symptoms associated with moderate scoliosis may be managed with physical therapy so the client feels better and stays active. In both scenarios, the patient’s posture is improved and the therapy can even help with minor breathing issues that can develop when the spine curves abnormally.

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